Spark is short for smart park. The idea of spark came from the need to enhance and revolutionize the valet parking industry. Both valet operators and valet users have been facing difficulties over the past decade. Spark was founded to provide both operators and consumers with a more smooth, efficient and technologically advanced alternative to the current systems in place

Valet operators, we understand the challenges you face everyday. Managing multiple locations can be overwhelming and stressful, especially with the lack of an efficient management system. Spark management system, focuses on addressing your challenges and provides you with a set of tools which allow you to oversee every location you manage from the comfort of your office. You will be able to eliminate the cost of paper tickets by going digital, view daily activity, identify shortage or surplus of staff, track the efficiency of your locations and employees, and measure your financial performance using on demand reporting. In addition, we will provide your consumers with a mobile application to ensure the highest level of customer experience

Users of valet parking services are always seeking convenience. After speaking to thousands of consumers we decided to create the spark application in order to provide the end users of the valet service with a seamless, convenient, and hassle-free process. Using the spark application, you will no longer have to go through long wait times. Forgot to withdraw cash? No worries, you can pay directly through the app. We are also working on many exciting features that will make it even more convenient

Just Remember to SPARK-IT!